Extreme Physical Performance

I found this video via the Blog of Tim Ferris. It is an incredible example of one’s physical potential.

This movement seems to be a combination of Capoeira, Break-Dancing, and Gymnastics. The amount of strength needed to pull-off some of these moves is amazing, but this guy (Junior) seems to move effortlessly.

Peak human performance is something that interests me greatly. Physical movement, guitar playing, acting, or any of one hundred other activities seem masterful in the hands of the right person. And this guy is wonderful.

I am not necessarily into it for the dancing. I just like to see the beauty of physical movement.

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6 thoughts on “Extreme Physical Performance”

  1. I understand English very well but unfortunately I speak not very well.

    Takuin, thank you for having used some words in french, ;o)
    For the junior video, it will take a little patience.

    See you soon

  2. Bonjour,

    Dans quelque temps, je vais en ligne une vidéo plus complète de Junior.

    En effet, ces mouvements sont spectaculaire mais très fluide est gracieux.

    Ps: merci d’avoir repris ma vidéo

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