Question on Belonging and Resistance

Question of the Week: 6/30 - 7/6 A recent question through e-mail:

Are you a member of any religious, philosophical, or spiritual organisation? You never really talk about that, but it seems to me that you'd be resistent to the idea.

Because one is not a member does not mean that one is resistant. It simply means one is not a member. When the period appears at the end of the sentence, that is it. Nothing carries over, and there is no idea that one should or should not do something, due to a conflicting belief. When it is finished, nothing else begins.

Some would equate every apparent state with an opposite. There is hot because there is cold. There is hate because there is love. There is light because there is dark. This is life as it is lived by so many, but is any of it true? It is an incredible waste of energy.

When it is extremely cold, we talk about how cold it is, and then wish for warmth. Why do we talk about the cold when it is cold? If you and I are together, and it is below freezing temperatures, do either of us need to mention how cold it is? If you say it to me once, I understand and I am right there with you. But why keep saying it?

It is cold, it is cold, it is cold!

Do you really know that?

Think of it for a moment; all the time you spend talking about the cold, you are not there with it. You are only thinking about how cold it is. Stop thinking about it and live it.

If it is cold, and it very well may be, do you really need to tell yourself at all? The body has its own physiological barriers that will take care of the situation. And beyond that, we dress accordingly. If there is snow outside, it is generally understood that it is also cold. Why can't we leave it at that?

When it is noisy, we resist and resist, complaining of how noisy it all is. But is the problem the noise, or our resistance to it? Again, the body has its own protective mechanisms for excessive noise. Beyond that, we can put our hands to our ears or stuff something in there to help balance it all out.

If you complain and complain about the noise, are you really hearing the noise in the world? Or merely the noise in your head?

Our use of imagination is misguided and destructive. We never sit with the cold, even during the moments when it is cold; we think about it, talk about it, and wish it weren't so.

We never sit with the apparent noise. We cannot love it and learn how to listen. We resist and complain about how noisy it is compared to what it should be.

But these are the moments to flower into what is. Every moment is the perfect chance to see clearly.

Now, having said all of this, I am not a member of anything. (Apart from humanity, I suppose.) This does not mean that I am against anything, or have an idea that some other philosophy is better. If I reject something because I think something else is better, then I am a member of the something else.

I reject, but not due to an idea; it is a rejection born from intense curiosity. It is a necessary rejection, in order to find out what is really there. But there is no activity here that is pushing against. It is just that things come and go, but nothing sticks here. Not because I push it away, but because there is nothing here that can grab it and cherish it.

A bit long-winded, but I hope it answers your question. ;)