A Question for My Peers...

Leaning East This is a question for fellow writers of spiritual matters, but anyone is free to comment below.

I have noticed a trend - and it is nothing earth shattering - in this world of spiritual teaching:

A man or woman may come to a realization, perhaps only a realization on a superficial level, or perhaps something deeper, then they begin to 'teach' it. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with this. But it makes me wonder if enlightenment, the way that term is used by the masses, is nothing more than conformity to one's ideals of enlightenment.

I am not against anything they are doing, and I cannot sit here and say I 'know them' in any intimate way. But is this all we have to look forward to? We go to listen to someone speak on a podium, we may have or may not have a realization, then we go and speak on a podium.

My big question is, In what way is this helpful to humanity?

Don't take it as, "I am expecting there to be something or nothing there," because that is not it. I really want to know.

How do you see this?