Are You Certain?

Photo by Takuin Minamoto

Question of the Week: 8-25/8-31

I have read the blog for some time, and I have a question. Do you have any certainty? I mean, sometimes you say, "Im not saying it is or it isnt, or that its right or wrong." Is this because you just want others to see the solution for themselves, or is it that you really have no way of knowing? I dont know if thats the right question, but I think you know what I am saying, right?

I do believe I understand what you are asking. There is no certainty here, although it may be difficult to come to that point. Let's see if we can do that.

It is not as if I want you to have any particular solution. After all, if you had the solution, what would you do with it? If I tell you it is definitely a certain way, and you accept that, and you believe it, what will happen?

If you believe it, and want to live life in that way, you have to solidify it into something that is done; an effort one must pursue in order to have something at the end.

So then, it becomes a certainty for you. And who is it that will hold onto this certainty? Who is residing within that can grab this thing, strangle it, and force a way of living out of it? Do you understand the question? You may say, "This is certain. I feel it and know it!" But for whom is this certain?

Don't tell me, "It is certainty arising in the One," or whatever else people have a fondness for repeating. Have you gone there? Have you seen it for yourself? If you have not, why just accept what one says is true? Why accept it is oneness, or whatever? See it for yourself, and see what happens to that certainty.

Is there certainty? (Or security?)

Find out. Go there now and tell me what is there. Of what are you certain? You may say a great number of things. But all of this certainty is dependent upon the person that is seeking it.

I am not saying it is right or wrong, or that it doesn't - or shouldn't - happen. It is obvious that these things go on within human beings. We just need to look into the world and see what is happening. But why is this search for certainty necessary? Don't answer. Just go inside and see what is there within you.

Now, if you go within, and if one should happen to see what is there, what will you do? Please do not make something out of it! Don't make it another noose to hang yourself from. Just see it.

I am not saying that you will see this movement and it will fade away. I am not saying that this will quiet your mind and set you free. And I am certainly (PUN) not trying to sell you on the idea of how anything works.

Just be quiet. See it, and be quiet. Questions may arise, but do not use that as an excuse to re-solidify into a conclusion. No, this organism must be free from conclusion. Otherwise you are dead. You will stop seeing, and start believing.

Sit with the questions, as they come. See these movements as they arise.

Just be quiet.