Blog Update

I initially started this site as a place for me to figure out how to talk about enlightenment, for lack of a better word; the space and expansion that ocurred in this body in December of 2006. I am getting by just fine, as far as expressing what is here. And now I have a regular vernacular of sorts that I use for my posts. It seems to be effective, and I do not receive many e-mails to further clarify what I have written. But now that I have achieved, more or less, what I set out to do, I am thinking of new ways of presenting material on I have received some nice suggestions, over the last few weeks, on what I might want to consider adding to this blog. For example, a beginner's series of articles, and a static home page that lays out more of what this site is about, etc.

If someone finds there way here by accident, there is very little for them to latch onto at first. I just write, with no thought of how it is received. But if there is a beginner's series, or at least a more comprehensive About page, it might make a first time visit more palatable.

So this post is to ask the advice of the readers of this site. Is there anything that you would like to see here? Is there some information that might help round out this site even further? Something more I should include, or perhaps, something I should consider removing? Just send a comment to let me know.

Any advice given will be accepted with gratitude. I appreciate the time that is spent here by all of you, and I look forward to writing more and more. I am excited to hear any suggestions you all might give.

I'll be away from the blog until Sunday or so, and I'll see you all when I return.