Cook Your Own Meal

An excerpt from a recent talk. Why do you feel the need for preparation in your so-called spiritual life? Is it to have enlightenment in the future? Do you look to that future and think, somehow, you might be able to touch it through your effort?

Do you think you'll be able to replicate experiences someone else told you about?

Perhaps if you read the correct book, or hear the right collection of words coming from the perfect, smiling set of teeth, or if you sit in silence long enough it will come to you, wrapped up exactly as they have said, in the same precise shape as they have described.

But this is not preparation. It is prevarication.

How much knowledge does freedom need? How much experience must freedom have? Why must you wait, bound at the feet of another, praying for their table scraps?

Don't wait for someone else to feed you. Pick yourself up off the floor, walk your ass into the kitchen, and cook your own meal.

Breathe. Live your life. Freedom will take care of itself.