To a friend in Norway, in despair... You may 'sense' deception in your relationship. But I would ask you to look first, to the deception within your own mind. If one is treating you badly, not playing fair, or already out the door in the relationship, then why hang on? Why wait to find some deception on their part to make yourself feel better, when you could easily just walk away?

It is a game, you see. A game to find how you've been wronged. That in turn will show you all you need to know to justify your actions as an asshole. But why play this game and look for some justification for your actions? If you are not happy, then leave. That is all you have to do.

I love you, as I always have loved you. But perhaps you need to learn what it is to live, or at least listen to your inner voice that is surely telling you the right course of action.

It is never about how much 'evidence' you might find; it is more your need for the imminent break to be about something other than yourself. It has to be that your partner has done something wrong, or that they are the ones 'responsible' for the break up. But really, what do you see within you? Is any of that really true?

What have you contributed to this sad state of affairs? How much weight have you brought to the scale?

On Mt. Fuji

I am not saying any of this is the case. You must go deep within to see what is there. But you must look without the need to be right, or the need to destroy the life of another...especially one you say you love.

Whether or not the relationship will end, are you willing to see yourself as you are? Will you look to yourself as the first course of action? Will you be patient enough to see the first steps arise within you?

This patience....this inner is not so much about you. It is a gift for your partner. If you have ever loved them, as you claim you have, then there must be something left over within you to give them at least that much.

"Move forward with your heart...not your head!"

(Remember that quote? You said it all the time when I lived in Boston. I'll always thank you for that.)