Do You Still Fast?

November Project: Question #14 This question comes from Jay through Facebook.

I read your fasting series with great interest. I am just wondering if you still perform fasts of any kind, or was that just a one-time thing?

Also, WHY in the world did you do it? :)

Thanks for your question, Jay.

I still fast from time to time, but those fasts are intermittent and usually do not last for very long. And even if I were to perform another prolonged fast, I am not sure I would write much about it on This is not a site dedicated to fasting, so I would only write about it if it could be useful or interesting for the audience here.

A few weeks ago I performed intermittent fasting for a short time. I only ate every other day, and that probably lasted for 10 to 12 days. I didn't feel any need to go on beyond that.

I have noticed something interesting, however. It is nothing for me to not eat for 24 to 36 hours. It doesn't even phase me. This might be some mental hold-over from the fast back in February 2009. Perhaps if you go without food for 28 days straight, missing a day or two in the future is easy. ;)

Also, WHY in the world did you do it? :)

I was very interested in the physical changes, and was interested to find out about the mental difficulties. This was purely an experiment to find out what might happen when deprived of food. I did succeed, and I am very glad I did it.

I can remember running out of energy throughout the day, and I would have to sleep quite a bit. But I had a couple people looking after me to make sure I didn't pass out or expire entirely. ;)

Thanks for your question, Jay.

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For those new readers unaware of these events, you won't have to search through the archives to find the posts written at that time. If you look to the navigation menu above, you'll notice a link called Fasting. On that page you will find every article written during the 28-Day fast.

If I ever decide to fast in any way that is important to the readers here, I will post it there, in addition to writing posts on the blog.