Does Anyone Really Want to be Free?

When I see the world, my immediate surroundings, there is a great feeling of wonder. Inexplicably, nothing and all things are there simultaneously. Thought doesn't arise, projecting itself on whatever is being seen. Whatever I look at is seen immediately, without time or any interference on my part. Even the fake wood-grain of this Formica table has a vibrancy all its own. I often wonder if this kind of living can be taught, or otherwise, transmitted in some way to other people. At the same time, one has to ask, would another person want this immediacy? This direct connection that is constantly destroyed and renewed at every moment?

Perhaps people have some romantic notion of what it is to be in the moment? Some idea of a way of living that can bring them peace and comfort. A new system of thought. But that is a meaningless trade-off. It is just changing the curtains in the same smelly outhouse. And no matter how pretty the pattern on the fabric, it the same as what came before. It doesn't help the smell any, either.

If others knew what it meant to be in the moment, would they want it? I have to say, there is no comfort here (that doesn't mean there is discomfort, because there isn't). There is nothing to hold on to; no tradition to prop oneself up with. There is immense joy here, because the violence of thought is gone. Energy, formerly wasted in torturing oneself with the meaningless struggles of thought, is free from that self-inflicted suffering. It is immense, like being constantly on the verge of an explosion. I can't love it or hate it; it's just a fact.

I suppose, if someone did have this, it would be too late to do anything about it. They wouldn't have time to live in a new system, because by the time they are in the moment, everything that came before would be destroyed.

If you meet the moment, I am afraid there is no turning back. No system will stick to you. Religious, political, or psychological systems will not be of any use other than knowledge. All of your excuses will be gone. Who you are is destroyed; what you are is all that remains.

It is fairly clear that most people do not want this. They are happy to live in a system providing false security. And they will stay happy as long as nothing comes along to challenge the zone they have built for themselves. If you want to live in that way, and be comfortable in those beliefs (whatever they might be), then don't question your thoughts. Don't inquire within to see what is really there. Stay where you are and your beliefs will remain intact. Because if you do inquire within, and you look at the entirety of your mind, seeing the whole of the problem within you, everything that you believe will be destroyed beyond repair.