Does Food Affect The Organism?

I received this question some time back.

What affect does food have on the body if someone is liberated?

It is easy to see the effects of food on the body. If one is looking at the body through chronological time, by the clock, then you can see the body transition from one state to another.

The body has what one might call a normal state. If you introduce a ton of sugar to that body, for example, then it has to perform certain functions to re-establish the initial state of equilibrium. If something introduced changes the body's functioning, then the body does what it can to return to normal.

That is what the body looks like on the outside, or from a fragmented mind. I don't mean to say that the body doesn't change in its own way, but who is there to notice the change?

You can look at the body, and see how it is functioning. Then you introduce some food or drugs or whatever, and the state changes, but only if you are comparing it to what has come before.

"Five minutes ago, the body was like this. But now, the body is like THIS." But is any of that true? It is only true by introducing the past.

I don't want to make a big deal out of this, but the body functions in a way that you will never know. You can only know what has come before, but that has nothing to do with the body. It is just a memory of functioning that you might prefer to the moment.

Let's say you have two arms. Then through no fault of your own, you lose one of them. You can see pictures of yourself from before, so you know that there were two arms at some point. But you look in the mirror and there is only one arm. What do you see when you look? A guy or girl that used to have two arms? Or do you see the reality of your functioning?

The truth has only to do with what is real, and not what should be. I should have two arms! Really? Do you? Why can you only see the body based on what may have been real in the past? All of that is gone. All that remains is the way you are presently functioning.

You might say, "If your blood sugar is elevated, then there is a change to what is normal." That is true, but only by seeing through the past. If your blood sugar is elevated, then that is the way your body is functioning in the moment. There is no before or after. Only what is happening.

If someone is diabetic from birth, then diabetes is the natural state. In that case, one might take insulin to change the body to an un-natural state. They may have to do it to live, but it is not the natural state. (I am not saying that taking insulin is bad, by the way. Some need to take it for the entirety of their lives for whatever reason. But for better or worse, the body is functioning perfectly at every moment.)

Now, if somehow one is cured of diabetes, then the natural state functions without diabetes. You can't really say that the body has changed, because the natural state is always the natural state, and the body functions as it functions.

Do you understand what I am saying with all of this? The natural state is always present. It doesn't matter what has happened before. You can never really know how the body is functioning, because you only know what has happened in the past.

Food does have an effect on the body. But how do you see it? What do you do with it? Do you only relate to your body's functioning because of what has happened before? If so, then there is no natural state; only your idea of a preferred state.

Does that make any sense to you?