Does the Wind Blow?

The wind blows, and Takuin might ask, Can you observe the wind as it is? Or what about the physical reactions of your body to the wind; how it may react to the heat or the cold of it?  Do you feel it? Does this arise naturally within you?


This is not an exercise. It is not a test for you to somehow lose yourself during the observation of the wind. There is nothing for you to gain here.

It is all so simple, but do you have to be in-charge of even this? Can you feel the wind without your desire to feel it?

Your mind is taken with what you would like to have instead of what is. But this is your doom, isn't it? If you hope to observe the wind in order to free yourself, you will only observe your thoughts of freely observing the wind. It is your translation of a thing that needs absolutely no interpretation.

You observe when you think it is a good thing to observe. And it is a good thing to you because of the goodness you hope to receive from it. Stillness, goodness, oneness, liberation; are these merely the result of greedy actions or deliberate activity?

Why can't you just be still and observe? Not observe because 'Observation will set you free,' or some other glorious thing you hope to coerce out of your attempt to freely observe. Can you just be still, even for one minute?

It may be a fact that never once in your life have you felt the wind touch your skin. At least, not without your interference.

The wind blows, but is it really there at all?