Floating By Oneself



To be alone, truly by oneself, is daunting and may seem frightening when looked upon from the outside. But when you are alone, you are completely free to move in any direction. To be without security is to hold no form of image. An image being something that thought has created from past experience. To hold any form of image prevents real security. When the image making comes to an end, complete security arrives.

You might have the itch to ask How? Please, please, please, never ask that. If you want to program a VCR, learn to drive a car, learn proper bio-mechanics for weight-lifting, then by all means, ask How. In asking how, we want someone else to show us. To learn in the area of knowledge, that is fine. But in the area of freedom, psychological or whatever you want to name it, nothing outside of ourselves can help us. Not society, religion, political systems, or whatever. This must be obvious by now.

To free ourselves, we must truly be alone to discover what happens inside. Not alone meaning lonliness, where we delude ourselves into thinking there is something on the outside that can make us whole. "If I had this thing or that person or that experience, I could feel complete." That thinking can only lead to more heart-ache and misery. To be alone and to observe is to see with no particular point of view. You must set it aside to see clearly, perhaps for the first time in your life. Look within and ask questions. But do not ask as a Christian, Buddhist, American, or a Socialist. You can see nothing through those eyes. Set it aside and see what is there. Just do it.

No one can show us. No one can free us. All this we must do for ourselves.

Takuin Minamoto