From the Journal

I found this bit of writing in an old journal. It is from early 2007, but is not dated.


I have not yet left my house today. There is nothing for me to do outside. I didn’t make a plan for an outside activity. I guess it really doesn’t matter if I went out or stayed in; I wouldn’t know the difference.

Obviously, there is an outside, and an inside...

I am outside, and I feel wind, see trees, and hear birds making beautiful sounds. I am inside, and I see my computer screen, I feel heat from the heater, and I hear the Kitty clock strike three. Another beautiful sound.

It is all the same.

When completely present, one doesn't really know what one is seeing. Freedom is infinitely there, and all time and thought cannot penetrate into that. Attention is absolute, and everything is beautiful. Or as some people are fond of saying, it is as it should be.

Freedom is never tiring, always seeing something new. At every moment, there is great energy. Not in the sense of a stimulant. It is an energy of complete action and awareness. This energy cannot wane, and is present when one merges with reality.

Thought and time cease to exist, and the only thing left is everything.



Thinking on it now, it seems I mostly stayed in the house for the last four years. I recall certain events, but they are shadows more than anything.

I suppose at some point, the plant outgrows the size of the pot.

It is time to reintroduce myself to the world...