Human Beings Cannot Attain Enlightenment

I received this very thoughtful message from Anon this afternoon, and I would like to share it with all of you. And please forgive me Anon. Try as I might, I could not respond to your email address, and could find no way around that problem.

Anon wrote:


(1) Human beings can not attain enlightenment. (2) The ego must be annihilated in order for one to merge completely with love. (3) Without the ego one is not one. (4) One does not exist. (5) You have experienced a glimpse. (6) You have tasted the water, but you have not become the ocean. (7) You only harm yourself with this belief. (8) Hold on to nothing. Grasp at nothing. Only love.

(Note: I added the numbers in the above message to make clear my responses. ~ Takuin)

Thank you, Anon.

To answer you in order:

(1) As far as I know, I never said they could.

(2) If that is true, I will never know.

(3) It is not for me to say.

(4) Whether one does or does not is insignificant.

(5) I have experienced nothing.

(6) I refuse the water, but enjoy watching the ocean.

(7) If there is a belief here, I cannot find it. Perhaps you could help me look?

(8) If one holds, grasps, or does not, is all the same if there is a goal in mind.

Please forgive me for saying, but you seem to have many rules. But what I perceive in this short missive is not enough to know, and I have no interest in concluding you into oblivion.

I have heard what you have said many times before (not with the same wording, of course). I am certainly not accusing you of anything, or think you to be weak minded or foolish. But over the last five or six years I have met with more than a thousand human beings of various faiths and ethnicities. And there was only so many times I cared to hear the same thing over and over again.

The spiritual world, if we can use that term, is just as limited as any other creation of human-kind. That does not make it meaningless, but it is still trapped within our limited capacity. The human mind can only see so far within the confines of what it adheres to; the rules handed down by others.

But you are correct, in the end. There is only love. But it is not mine or yours. Just love. Just as I sit here loving you. But it is not mine. I cannot 'do' anything with it.

Love is here through your existence. Maybe we can just sit with that...


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