In Its Own Pefect Time

As I sit here, writing these words, everything is still. The letters arrive in their own perfect time. I pause, I type. Repeat. The physical movements are mechanical, and all else is quiet.

I am a poor typist, but I have internalized a second-rate, hunt and peck method of typing. It is not smooth, and there is no system to it, so gaps appear in my knowledge. I type quickly until I hit a word that I do not usually type. For example: alphanumeric. It might have been years since I last wrote that word. When I typed that word, a gap appeared in the mechanical process.

I slow down as thought comes in to help me out. Time enters into the situation. The mind searches its resources for the solution. It remembers where those particular letters are, and slowly, trying to catch up, the fingers follow. After the solution has been manifested physically, thought retreats to its proper place.

I could be a faster typist if I studied an efficient way to do it. I have not done that. But quick or slow, efficient or incompetent, the letters always arrive at the perfect time.

Even though thought is involved in this process, there is no element of psychological time. By that I mean, no thought that says something should be different from what it is; a thought that says I should be better at what I am doing, or I shouldn't be so lazy about learning to type. I am just typing, and the letters arrive, no matter what I think should happen. Human beings put a great deal of energy into becoming something. I will be this. Someday I will be free. I will have a higher level of consciousness. I will be good. Ad nauseam. Does anything come of this thinking? Can it? We might lead a more pleasant life, but does that life have any meaning? There is some comfort in the idea of attaining, because eventually we will be something great. But all the time you are becoming, you are not being. I  am not saying that you can't make a plan. Go ahead and do whatever you want. Set whatever goal you want to achieve. Get the knowledge you need, and take action. That is all very simple. But while you are doing that, you can still be in the moment, every moment. You can make better decisions without the crutch of thought spilling into areas where it doesn't belong.

Everything happens as it should. Nothing is ever early or late. No matter what you think, everything happens in its own perfect time.

If you resist, your life will be full of pain.