Knowing, Cold, and Awareness

i notice that my mind is like a measuring device, it HAS TO KNOW whats there, it is not content just to luxuriate in the mystery and leave it at that. It needs to break everything down, find out its constituent parts, how it works, whats behind the mystery…

The mind IS a measuring device, in a manner of speaking, but it does not need to know anything. It records what comes, recalls what is already there, and responds to the challenges of daily living. Just like the ears; they hear but do not listen. Just like the eyes; they see but do not interpret. The only thing that HAS TO KNOW is you. If it is important to know, it is because the self sees it as such. That does not make it good or bad, or anything.

The mind can only know what it already knows. It can never know any more, or any less. There is no inherent desire to know anything, as that comes from somewhere else. The self interprets events according to its own survival, then decides what should be known or learned.

Let’s say there is something you absolutely have to know (whatever it happens to be). Why do you need to know it? Again, this is not about right or wrong, but why do you absolutely need to know it? Does it come from anywhere other than the desires of the self?

If you need to meet your significant other in a new location, then maybe you need to know how to get there. But that is not the same thing as what we are talking about. It isn’t a need; just information. Can we reduce all needs to mere information? If we are stuck in the field of thought, we only deal with what we know; what is dead. Is there a need beyond thought? (I am not saying there is or there isn’t.)

I think there is something about the cold that makes you feel alive, you cant avoid the sensations that scream your alive and on spaceship Earth….

Extreme cold, or extreme heat, can trigger natural mechanisms in the organism. I find it all extremely interesting, and it is probably a good chance to see what goes on in your own mind. If it is extremely cold, you might shiver, or naturally move in such a way as to provide additional heat. Those things are natural. What I find interesting are the thoughts we put on top of that.

It seems hilarious to me that when it is cold, some people actually believe that it shouldn’t be cold. Or they repeatedly tell themselves (and others) that it is cold. Really? I am standing next to you in below freezing weather, and you are telling me it is cold. Why? Is it just conversation? If it is just conversation, then why do you not talk about the cold during the summer? Because then, you talk about the heat.

And it goes on and on, Haha.

How do you see this awareness that is independent of self?

It is not that I see the awareness; there is just awareness. If there is no duality, there is no longer the “I” and the “something else.” There is only whatever is there.

So many people still think of it as something to have. I need to have peace and not this suffering. Well, what is the reality? The peace, or the suffering? Start where you are with what you have, because that is all that can ever be.