Lesson with an Enlightened Master

B.T. - a powerful spiritual teacher - has been known to reduce the person to true nothingness...but only if one is capable of seeing and listening. Recently, Takuin sat with B.T. to listen. This short post is the result of what Takuin heard from the great master.

Never a word...

Even though the exterior,

Might be rough,

And creatures may eat you alive.

Never a word...

You may support generations,

Millions of creatures,

Whom never thank you,

No recognition,

No gratitude,

No return,

But you'll keep giving,

And loving.

Never a word...

You may be used completely,


Destroyed by the very people,

You've sheltered from rain,

But you will give of yourself freely,

That they might find support in a new way.

Never a word...

Be it in the grasses,

In the city,

By the river,

Or on the mountain,

You will never lose your freedom.

Never a word will set you free.

Click here to see B.T. Many of you may recognize the creature in this photograph...