Life After Death

November Project: Question #8 This question comes from Lee through email

Is there life after death?

Thanks for the question, Lee.


Life After Death

OK, OK, put down the torches....we'll go into this a bit. ;-)

The better answer - well, not better, but perhaps the only answer - is, I don't know. I never will. Neither will you. We know what we've been taught, and that is all.

Reincarnation, life after death, and all of the other things we have been told of the after life have been given to us, and adopted by us, for two main reasons: control and comfort. If we can be made to believe the stories we have been given, we are easier to control. And since we can't fathom, or won't fathom, the notion that this life may very well be all there is, we take comfort in knowing we'll be taken care of later.

It is, "Be good now, or suffer later," or "If you don't get it right this time, you will have another chance," and so on.

What we have been taught are the products of thinking. We give a description of something through thought, that is beyond thought. Death is the ending of thought. Not necessarily the ending of life, but of thought.

Thought is scared of the end, and thus, makes tales of another life or another something in an attempt to maintain its own continuity.

Try and see this within yourselves...if you can put aside the things you've been taught, and just see the functioning of thinking and how it moves, with its hopes for the future and a life without end. Somewhere, somehow, it must know that eventually its number will be up, but it does its damnedest to keep going.

Take a moment and look within yourself. Why do you want to go on after this life? Not because you believe you will, it is more than that. Why do you want to? I am not saying you should or should not. Just ask why. It seems no one bothers to ask.

I know what people say about this, and I know what they believe. But just because an idea is popular, or because you believe it, doesn't make it true. And I am not trying to say "Believe me!! Believe me!!" because all I can really say is, "I DON'T KNOW." And I am more than fine with that. It just gives one a reason to never waste one's time. Ever.

You might ask, "Isn't there a possibility that what we've been taught will turn out to be true?" The same possibility exists of there being an alternate universe where Takuin has super powers and is leader of the X-Men.