Living In Thought

If you must live in a world of thought, at least go about it in a way that is pleasant for everyone. Search for the best technology and most reputable resources, find out about the functioning of the mind, and live in a way that is beneficial for everyone in this world. I talk about surrender and emptiness that comes from this "enlightenment," for lack of a better word. But I also realize that most people are not interested in what is here. They are more involved in the day to day, petty activities of the self. They might say they are interested in emptiness, interested in some mystical state of being, but all they are really interested in is playing around with it.

And you know what? That is fine.

I have no idea that someone is right or wrong in what they do. All I can express on this site, is what is in this organism from moment to moment, nothing more. I know at times, I use language that might seem to be aimed at some person doing "wrong," but that is not at all the case. Questions and answers arise in this organism, and that is what is being expressed. It is the fault of written text of any kind; you cannot always be sure of the tone, or intention, of the writer.

But if one must live in thought, it might as well be something that is beneficial to everyone. If it feels right for you to do, then go for it. Take some action that can allow the best fragments of yourself to surface and stay there. Smile as you enter every room, and leave when your presence is no longer needed. If asked, help anyone you can. Help them find their own worth, so that they might do the same for others.

Although your brilliance will be limited, shine as brightly as you can.