My Visit To Shomyo Falls

A few days ago, I took a day long trip to see Shomyo Falls. It is a beautiful waterall located on a peak in Mount Tateyama. It was a beautiful day, and very relaxing. Here are a few technical details:

Shomyo Falls is the tallest waterfall in Japan, however, it's sibling, Hannoki Falls, visible from the same location (which you will see in some of my photos), is actually taller, but is often disregarded because it's seasonal. Shomyo Falls drop down four steps, 229 feet, 190 feet, 314 and 413 feet respectively. The pool at the base of the falls is 200 feet wide and 20 feet deep.

Welcome to Shomyo Falls

The weather was lovely, but the clouds were low...or maybe we were quite high up the mountains? I am not sure.

There were butterflies everywhere, it seemed, and mini-waterfalls were on every curve of the path. A wonderful scene.

I have said it before that spending time in nature, a good deal of time, can do wonders for inquiry. Nothing shuts-up the self faster than the wonders of nature!

Try it for yourself this weekend, wherever you are. Wake up early on Saturday, drive to a magnificent area, and spend the day. Inquire into things in that environment.

If you think your "self" is loud, it cannot overcome the beauty of nature. Nothing is louder or more silencing than beauty beyond thought.