New Series : The A to Z of Being

I have talked about this new series for awhile, but it is finally about to be rolled out. What is it?

This will be an ongoing series that explains the meanings behind the words that are used on It will work as a glossary of terms, more or less.

Subjects that will be included in this series are, Awakening, Awareness, Belief, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Fear, Duality, Separation, and much more.

I will, for the most part, proceed alphabetically. Hence, the A to Z. But there may be times when I eschew certain letters for lack of content (How many X words are there, anyway?).

I will eventually get around to listing all of the terms I normally use, as well as others that are generally forgotten.

The A to Z of Being will not be simple definitions of words. You can find those in any reputable dictionary, after all. It will be more of an investigation into the deeper, and possibly implicit (or tacit), meanings as they apply to enlightenment and liberation.

The Purpose

Many people throw around words without having any idea of what they really mean. Especially in the world of the seeker. One usually hears others speaking of consciousness or enlightenment from the perspective of the the seeker and the thing to be sought. But it never made any sense to me.

In order to clear things up, at least in my house, I decided to dedicate a series to what these words really mean when seen as they are, and not from the perspective of how things should be.

This is not any attempt to achieve a state, or to try and find anything. It is only a means to clarify the subject at hand. And even though words cannot fully represent liberation, at least we will be speaking the same language.

A Request

If any of you wish to see a word or topic covered in the A to Z of Being, please leave a comment on this post. I have already compiled my own list (which keeps growing), and I will be happy to look into anything submitted by any of you.

Note: Please keep in mind that this is not meant to be a series on etymology or linguistics. It is merely an attempt to describe these words as they occur in the moment.

I am sure Samuel Johnson will not roll over in his grave.