Not Alone

Back pain came to me this morning. It was rather severe, but I never tried to get away from it. The pain is still here and it is wonderful. Why should I struggle and wish it wasn't here? It IS here. That is a fact. Why should I wish for something other than what is? To wish for something else is to be confused about what is real. There is no confusion. The pain is here and I am with it, one hundred percent. I went to my brother-in-law's house tonight for a visit. My wife is in the United States, and will be there for another five days, so maybe they thought I would be bored living here by myself. While I was there, they asked me if I feel lonely. I said no. They made some comment about me being cold. That is so interesting to me. I am cold because I am not lonely? That is a very funny thought. How can I ever possibly be lonely? Every moment is with me. Even looking at a table is new, and fascinating. My wife lives in my mind, so how can I be without her? The pain is with me, and I am not alone. It seems that some people may believe that being lonely is a natural state in some conditions. If I were to believe that an outside event can make me lonely, I must be crazy. I don't need to be lonely. Why would I seek it out and grasp it? Why would I ever need to be lonely? That thought brings confusion. Lonliness is confusion. Thought is confusion.

I love my wife, and she is with me now. She is in the United States, and I am in Japan, and she is with me. How could I ever be lonely?

The present moment destroys all confusion. It ends the suffering we feel we need. Why do we need it? It just doesn't make sense to me.

You are already complete right where you are. Don't believe your thoughts because they don't exist. You are already perfect, in every way.