November Project Finale

This post wraps up the November Project. Now that I've had a few days off and reflected on all the posts for November, I think the project went quite well. Better than I thought...

I would like to thank everyone for all their wonderful questions. I still have several more I didn't answer during the project, and most likely, I'll get into those here and there over the following months.

And special thanks goes to everyone taking part in the comments, for giving of themselves in order to look deeper into the questions.

Thanks very much!

And for those of you new to the site, or to the veterans unable to read the earlier posts, the following list contains all of the writings for the November Project, in order. The comments will stay open, so feel free to comment as you feel the urge.


01: Project for November: 30 Questions with Takuin

02: No-Self Language and the Individual

03: In Dialogue: The Problems of Seeking

04: Takuin in the Third-Person

05: What Changed You?

06: Quick Thoughts on the Now and Liberation

07: On Teachers and Teaching

08: What Do You Intend to Be?

09: The Beauty of a Flower

10: Disclaimers

11: Nature and Thought

12: How Do You Write?

13: Work Life and Enlightenment

14: Questions Answered

15: Do You Still Fast?

16: What Can I Do?

17: Quick Thoughts on Wisdom and Sacrifice

18: Quick Thoughts on Sitting with Resistance

19: Reality or the Human Mind

20: The Grace of the Guru

21: Quick Thoughts on Interests

22: On Having Friends

23: Quick Thoughts on Eating Meat

24: Energy, Ghosts, and Life After Death

25: Quick Thoughts on Books

26: In Dialogue: Real or Illusion?

27: What Do You Believe?

28: Chasing the Memory

29: Quick Thoughts: Advice to Takuin

30: The Birth of Takuin


01: Takuin’s Joy

Thanks again, everyone! ;)