On Conclusion

November Project: Question #22 This question comes from Liz through the contact form

The other day you were talking about questioning and exploration [On Skype ~ TM].  You said something to the effect of 'Exploration is life', or, 'Through exploration you will find life'. Could you talk about that a little bit more?

Thanks for the question, Liz. And you caught me at a good time, because I remember that conversation. ;-) I think we were talking about the question, the exploration, and the conclusion, and how that whole movement comes about.

As far as our Skype conversation is concerned, here is how we left it:

The Question is what puts the unit into action. It is the Big Bang. The inception. [In our conversation, we used the Big Bang theory as an analogy. And I'm not quite sure we decided it was appropriate, did we Liz? ;-) ~ TM ]

The Exploration is the movement or the action leaving the question behind to do as it will. It is the expansion of the universe. 

And the Conclusion is the death of action. The Big Freeze, or the Big Crunch, or whatever it happens to be in the end.

So we have birth, life, and death, so to speak.

I won't go into all the details here, but we ended our Skype conversation with a question: Is there a way of living that is all explosion, all exploration, all expansion? Is explosion, in fact, life itself?

We also asked, Liz, is it possible to live without conclusion? (Which is really the same question as above.) We can only really explore these questions if we understand what is meant by the word conclusion, or at least the way we are using it.

You can see this movement of inception, explosion, and conclusion in everything. We might use different names for it, but it is there. Even with thought it is there. Thought rises in reaction, it moves about frantically or not so frantically, and dies with our conclusions of the movement. 

Of the three, conclusion is the most detrimental to humanity, if we are speaking in terms of thinking. And it is only a detriment if you want humanity to survive :-) . 

Fly on Leaf

Hate is a conclusion. Racism is a conclusion. Our destruction of nature and wildlife is a conclusion. All the things we do to destroy the only world we know are built from our conclusions.

There is nothing really 'wrong' with thought or thinking, illusory or not. I know many teachers would like you to think otherwise, but thought is not necessarily the problem, at least not directly.

Thought is not alone, after all. It has something living with it. A cancer that has grown out of hand. Another thought, thinking it is somehow different from all the rest. Thinking that it is in control. Thinking it is in charge.

It is this cancer that concludes. It says, "I am better than you. I deserve to take what you have. My system is better than yours. My color is the best. My god is the best. My teaching is the best. I AM RIGHT."

That is conclusion, and it could very well be the ending of humanity. Well, if a giant asteroid doesn't get us first. ;-)

You might also say knowing that fire will burn you is a conclusion. I can understand that, but it is not what I am talking about here. Sure, that is a kind of conclusion. But conclusion, as I am using the word in our conversation, has someone behind it. It is not knowledge by itself, but knowledge sharpened to a point and ready to be used by a psychopath desperate to stab at something or someone. 

There is a difference between knowledge and a conclusion, at least in the way I am using the word, and I hope it is not terribly confusing to you, Liz.

None of this is a matter of right or wrong as I said to you in the call. It is exploration, and that is all. Conclusion won't really serve us well here, as it is probably best to remain free with what we offer each other. If we have some suspicion or we tend to disagree, we question it, not build another wall. We must remain open, especially toward the things we would rally against. It can be our greatest teaching, after all.

To live a life beyond conclusion (not without conclusion) is a lovely flow. A ride through one continuous moment. It is all exploration because it never ends. It never closes shut.

Thanks for the question, Liz!