On Twitter 2009-05-18

  • Threaded comments are now available on Takuin.com....neat-o! #
  • Today's Wikipedia feature article is about Takuin's favorite painter (and one of his favorite triptychs). #
  • The link leads here: http://bit.ly/NFWmb #
  • is off to watch Kabuki at Kabuki-za... #
  • is off to Toyama at 5:45 AM on the bullet train. Back in 4 Days. #
  • Talk and worry, talk and complain, talk and worry. All one can do is listen. #
  • How much longer will you search? #
  • Let's suppose you get your desire, through no fault of your own, and 'become' enlightened. What will you do with it? #
  • Takuin is preparing to go off to Hiroshima to the Atomic Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. He leaves tomorrow. #
  • We explore peace by exploring violence. Violence is the fact; not non-violence. In order to have peace, we must dive into our violent nature #
  • is thinking on peace and violence. #
  • didn't think about it until now, but he will be offline and away from an internet connection for the next 5 days. First time in years. #
  • will resume skype dialogs at the beginning of next month. Otherwise, send messages through the Contact page at Takuin.com. #

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