Only You Can Know

Infinite Bells Takuin understands when you say, "Your state is all bliss, all awareness, all presence." When you imagine what may be here, build it into something important, something to have and to hold, Takuin understands.

But none of that is here.

Timelessness, endless joy, perpetual happiness, or whatever you might call it, is simple. And it very well may be true; it may be here as an actuality. But only you can know. Takuin cannot.

If there is a "state" here, one cannot capture it. Takuin may be there, in all of that bliss, in all of that glory, but there is no way to hold it. One cannot even catch it long enough to give it a name or a label.

I sit here, and there is a great energy on the verge of explosion. One feels the blood coursing, the heart pumping, and slight shifts of cellular activity. Death can come at any time, and may have already, but there is no way of knowing anymore. How in the world am I supposed to solidify this into an idea to hold onto. That capability, or deficiency, has long since gone.

You may see it in someone else. You may see a state that you would like to attain. But only you can see it, because you think you can know it. If one is there, in that bliss, it is no longer a matter of knowing. It has moved out of the known and into the unknown.

You can only imagine the unknown. And that unknown can never be captured or held onto.

So what will you do?

Takuin cannot imagine.