Order in Our World

I was at a talk last night on the topic of Order. I was not there as a speaker; just an observer. I sat quietly for the two hours, listening and observing my thoughts. It was wonderful to go into the subject of order, to find out what is there, if anything, and see if it can be brought about in some way. A still mind, a mind that is in the moment, or a mind that is present, whatever you want to call it, is a remarkable thing. In that state, is there Order? You ask the question, How can we have Order in this world? Some might answer that only through God can we find Order. Only through his/her guidance can we be set upon the right path. But how many thousands of centuries have we done this? Religion after religion, cult after cult, we are still in the same horrible state of affairs. They say, God will show us the way. Well, when? And which God? And why should we believe you anymore? For thousands of years we have been promised this freedom, and nothing has come of it. I do not want to be fooled anymore.

I can no longer believe that any religion has a monopoly of the enlightenment or salvation of humanity. If one did, we would have it. And I cannot be tricked into believing that we just have not found the right one yet. What is the difference between them, anyway? No, I must walk alone, and see it for myself.

You ask the question, How can we have Order in this world? Some might say that we will find it in a social system. Does anyone still believe this? How could it be possible? Society has fragmented us. Our nationalities keep us at war with one another. There is always that difference, and that fatalistic comparison. How can the United States be any different from Canada, or Mexico? I cannot understand this kind of thinking at all. How can India be any different from the U.K.? I do not understand. Is it because we look different? There are different languages, and different cultures. But so what?

I was born in the United States. That is all. I was born there. But so what? Some might say that I am unpatriotic. Why does patriotism have to be an opposite of unpatriotism? They are both their own conditions. It is not, if you aren't one, then you are the other. Why would I need a label to see another person? If I used the label or the image, then I cannot meet that person ever. If someone asks me, are you patriotic?, and I say no, then immediately I am unpatriotic or an anarchist or whatever. But why? If I say I am not patriotic, that is all. Nothing else. I do not waste energy on pursuing some anti-patriotic stance. If I did, that would be no different from being patriotic. Can you see this?

Some might ask, don't you have pride in your country? That question confuses me. I was born in a place. How can I be proud of a place? You country has done wonderful things, they might say. Aren't you proud? It becomes difficult to talk about; I am not proud, and I am not non-proud. I am just here. Why must I be one or the other? I have no desire for conflict with other human beings. Why would I want to adopt a feeling given to me by another, when I know it will eventually put me into conflict with another?

I hope I can make it clear that there is no action here that is against something. I am not saying I am against a nation, and I have no negative energy here. It becomes difficult. How can I even be proud of myself? There is nothing here. If I have set a difficult goal and then achieve it, am I supposed to be proud of that? If I am proud, disappointment is just around the corner. I do not know that I am able to make myself clear here.

You ask the question, How can we have Order in this world? Some would say through political action. We have had similar, if not the very same, political structures we have had for thousands of years. In what way has this set human beings free? There is always division in politics. Why would I even want to entertain the idea of being interested in their promises? It makes no sense to me. I have no desire to be divided any longer. There is nothing in me that wishes for some new system to set me free. I have no conflict here. In fact, if as a result of reading this, someone becomes angry, I have NOTHING to do with it. There is no division here. Why would I have any hate or anger for anyone? It is none of my business what other people think about me. And only I can upset myself. Am I to believe that someone has some kind of magical power to get into my mind and make me mad? That is insane.

It is always difficult to make oneself understood when speaking like this. Many people take these things personal for some reason. I am sure at one time, I would have done the same. But do we really need to be in the dark anymore? In this current age, we have more knowledge than we have ever had at any time in history. It continually grows exponentially. But what has all of this knowledge given us? We still kill each other, hate each other, become more and more isolated from one another. What can knowledge do to set us free? All knowledge is from the past. It is the creation of memory. But humans are present creatures. How can we use a dead thing, something born from the past, to free us into the present? Is it at all possible?

Some might say that we learn from our mistakes. Is that true? Why do we still hurt each other? Why do we still have all of this terrible division in the world? If we could learn from our mistakes and set things right, then why don't we?

Please believe me, when I write these words, all I can feel is joy and love. I do not say these things, or anything for that matter, out of a need to prove a point or to be right. I have no agenda that will take away my self-created hurt in order to make me feel like a bigger person.

I can truly say that I love you. To anyone that reads this. I know that humanity can see through these things. I know that we human beings can express this love and joy, for the betterment of all. And I know that we can live together, in real loving relationships with one another. But why haven't we done it?

Ask yourself right now. Why haven't you done it?