Question of the Week: 1/21 - 1/27

What have you discovered? I find the word, Discover, to be quite excellent. If you look at the standard definition it reads:

To make known or visible : to expose

We all understand this word in terms of knowledge. A scientist might work for years on a vaccine and eventually stumble upon it. This could be described as a discovery, and I would agree. All of the elements previous to the vaccine are already known, and through a combination of materials, or methods of synthesis, something unknown is created from the old. (I would not describe it as being "new," although it is easy to use that word.)

What Is Discovery?

I don't think of the word discovery in the sense of the definition above, if we are speaking of liberation. To make known, or to make visible implies effort of some kind. And there is no effort in liberation; there is only liberation.

To discover, for Takuin, means to un-cover. This un-covering is something that just happens. When imagery is dropped and reality is seen as-is with no interference, liberation is discovered. This discovery is not a combination of previously known elements. It is completely new, beyond what is already known.

The difficult truth for people to understand is that liberation is already here. There is always the desire to cultivate something, or work on it to become a better person. But how can one be a better person? Better is known only through comparison of what is more desirable. It is a dualistic trap in that the longer you are stuck in this belief, the better you think you are getting. But the only thing one is doing is seeing an ideal that is not real and reaching out for it. But the ideal will never be reached because the desire to be better is still there. Does that make sense to all of you?

The ideal can never be reached, because it is not here. It is always a condition that is somewhere in the future, and the desire to have it pushes one to working toward it. Why do people start with the ideal, and not with what they already have?

Liberation is already present, even if it has not been discovered.

The Importance of Discovery

It is important to discover all of these things for yourselves. It is a wonderful journey, but in the end, is must be traveled alone.

I have found that it is very important to see these things as they are; to greet them as soon as they arrive. But you cannot do it through other's research. It is all well and good to listen and contemplate what others say, but believe none of it (not even me!). After all, you can't hire someone else to do your push-ups for you. Find out for yourself.

Is it possible to discover what has been given to you by another? Can you discover what you already know?

What, if anything, have you discovered?

(Feel free to share your own experiences in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from all of you on the discoveries you have made. Even if it seems minor to you, it could be of great benefit to someone else.)