Question of the Week: 12/17 - 12/23

What if there were no more questions? What if tomorrow you woke as Gregor Samsa, but instead of being transformed into an insect, something entirely different occurred?

What if there were no more questions? Try as you might they will not come. All of your questions about enlightenment, all of your questions about god, and all of your questions about inner peace are completely wiped out. No doubt remains about anything.

Of course, that also means there are no definitive answers, either. If there are no answers, there are no questions.

So there you are, lying in bed staring at the ceiling. There are no questions and no answers.

What happens next?

(I received an e-mail a few minutes ago with this very question. This is very important to see for yourselves, so I will not lead you in any way. Post your own discoveries in the comments, and we will take it from there.

Also, I will no longer append your replies to the post itself. Instead, I will just quote and reply using comments. Now that I have the subscribe to comments plug-in working, it is more practical to do it in this way. For an example, check out the comments on last week's Question. Kris and I have been having a great discussion over there, and it is still underway.)