Question on Uncontrolled Thoughts

This question was posed to me by Albert @ If you haven't been to his blog, get over there and check it out. It is a premiere personal development site. "As a 'self-less' person, do you have uncontrolled thoughts? And if you do, how would you stop them?"

What is there to control, and who will control it? If one is "self-less," there can be no control. The self is the center of control.

There are no uncontrolled thoughts; only thoughts. Whether it seems controlled or uncontrolled has nothing to do with the thought itself. It only has to do with your conflicting ideas about the thought. It is always, "Why am I thinking of this? I should be meditating and having a quiet mind." But, IS THAT TRUE? Because if your mind is chattering away, that is reality. Sit with what is real. Watch it come and go.

One might think of uncontrolled thought as something that comes and goes with no rhyme or reason. But what is thought, other than a reaction of memory? I am not sure at all that thought springs from nothing. If thought is a reaction to memory, an effect, then there must always be a cause, regardless of whether we see it or not.

If one is observant, he or she may even be able to find the source of the thought. It is not so difficult to do. Neither is it a mystery. But I don't see the importance of it.

I sometimes hear people say (or see people type), "I can stop my thoughts." This is amusing. If your thoughts are stopped, how did you type those words (or how did you say them)? And what is the "I" that is stopping the thought? The self is composed of thought, so how can it stop itself? If someone comes to a point where they think they have "stopped" thought, then they should really go into it to see what is there. If the self is in operation, it operates through the world of thought. No, it IS the world of thought. It is not separate from its material of construction. The self IS thought, and not the self AND thought.

Thoughts come and go, but control keeps us attached. Why do we need to control? We only need to control if there is the idea that we are out of control. For whatever reason. Insecurity, grief, hate, jealousy, or whatever reason, wanting to control springs from a need to control the chaos that seems to be there. But of course, there is no real chaos in that sense.

Some might say that ALL thought is chaotic, and I could understand that. But thought is only chaotic when compared to other thoughts. How can one know chaos unless they have experienced what they perceive to be order? The truth is, thought is just thought. Anything that tells us differently is thought as well. (Comparison, belief, etc.)

Akiko always tells me I am too imaginative. (not in a serious way. After all, how can one be "too" imaginative?) I have a tendency to say things she never expects. Other people have made similar comments. Maybe it is due to having no restrictions of thought. Of course, I do not say things just to shock someone, and I do not insult other people. I do not mean "no restrictions" in that way. There is simply no need to control thought. It comes and goes. Interesting combinations of thought are more readily at hand, compared to my life before.