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November Project: Question #13 We're nearly half way through the November Project, and it has been great fun so far. The questions have been interesting, and I have done my best to try and present a unique variety of them.

But for every 'unique' question, I probably receive 10 'common' ones. Now, this is totally fine, but a friend pointed out to me the other night - after showing her the list of questions - that many of them have already been answered or at least explored through the posts on

So as not to ignore the frequently asked, I present to you a list of  the top 5 common questions, along with the answers already available on this site. But please, never think of these posts as definitive answers. Really, they are nothing more than explorations...had the wind blown differently, I might have traveled in a totally different direction.

Question #1 - What is Enlightenment?

Your Idea of Enlightenment

What is Enlightenment?

The Road to Enlightenment

A Question for My Peers (read the comments!)

The Despair of Enlightenment

Question #2 - Are You Enlightened?/What Happened on Dec. 1st, 2006?

Are You Enlightened?

Audio Interview 'The End of Soul Searching Sounds Like Takuin'

What Did Takuin Do?

The Day After

Question #3 - What Does it Mean to 'See' Within?

A Problem of Seeing

A New Dimension of Silence

What Am I?

Questions on Sitting

Questioning the Common Phrase

Up the Mountain

Question #4 - What, If Anything, Is Beyond the Self?

If There is No Self, Then What is There?

Can the Self Be Free of Suffering?

Solidifying the Questioner

Does the Wind Blow?

Question #5 - How Can I Get What You Apparently Have?

Notions of I AM

The Ghost

Are You More Than Experience?

To The Student

The Nature of the Search

Only You Can Know


It will probably take you a long time to get through these posts, especially if you also read the comments, which I highly recommend. Many times, the nature of the original articles will go in completely different directions from within the comments. And seeing as how the readers of are all brilliant human beings, it is in your best interest to read what they have to say. ;)

Bookmark this page, and read at your leisure.