Quick Thoughts

I always encourage others to spend more time outdoors. In our modern world, it is a safe to assume that most human beings spend the majority of their time indoors, or at least, in confined spaces. And while it is not at all necessary to stay outside in order to be in the moment, it is quite clear that spending time in nature has a calming effect on us. Especially if the daily life one lives is similar to a rat in cage. Questioning, especially if one is not accustomed to it, may require solitude, or at least, a peaceful and serene environment. If one's environment is full of chaos, it may be too distractive for introspection.

I, however, enjoy the chaos, if there is such a thing. In that environment, one can fully observe the reactive mind. If you see it for what it is, fully stay with it, and have no point of view, then you are observing the action of the mind.

How can one observe with no point of view? That question creates more problems than it could ever solve. The moment you ask How, you give away your power to find out for yourself. And how can you know if anything given to you by another can possibly be true? If you want to learn to play guitar or program your VCR, then by all means ask How. That is mere knowledge. But knowledge, thought, and experience cannot bring you to the moment.

All things of the past - and that includes the future - cannot bring you into the now.