Quick Thoughts: Adyashanti - Get Well Soon!

This message is an excerpt from Adyashanti's website. To read the entire article, please check out his About Page. Letter from Adyashanti

I want to share with you some recent developments since I contracted Bell's Palsy in early November. There are various causes of Bell's Palsy, but mine seems to have been caused by a particular virus that causes not only facial paralysis but also nerve pain and fatigue. While I am happy to report that much of the paralysis and pain has healed, the underlying virus is still very active and gets activated by the energy that flows through me when I teach.

All of my health care workers have strongly suggested that I take a minimum of three months off from teaching in order to allow my body to recover from the virus as well as from eleven years of a very intense teaching schedule. I also feel that it is both wise and compassionate to give my body the time it needs to heal and regenerate. So I will be taking the first three months of 2008 off from teaching.

To Adyashanti,

Regarding your condition, I am sure that some days are better than others, but as you know, every day is a good day, brother. I'd give you advice on what to do, but that would be like telling a bird how to fly, or telling the sun how to shine.

Get well soon.

Takuin Minamoto

Akiko and I wish you the best, Adyashanti, and we look forward to your healing and return to teaching.

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