Quick Thoughts - Belief in Gravity

This comes from the comments on the post, Question and Answer (or Question and Question?) Part Two.

Would you say you believe in gravity or something like that? What I am trying to determine is whether there may be beliefs which you are not aware of, which exist in the mind below the level of conscious thought. I wonder it is actually possible to live completely without belief.

I do not believe in gravity, but that is only because of the word “believe”. Why should I believe in gravity? I use the word “believe” meaning, a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing. It seems that belief implies attachment.

Why should I attach myself to the “idea” of gravity? Gravity is a fact. I can drop my pen, and it consistently falls downward. Not once has it gone against gravity.

Other than a need or an interest in the specific details, I do not need to be told anything about gravity. It is there, and I can observe it. The same with the Sun. Why should I waste energy setting up a belief or a system telling me that the sun will rise tomorrow? If I believe it or not, it will be there. And if it isn’t, I won’t know the difference because I’ll be dead (you too!).

That is why I have said before that it seems like I am being picky over trivial semantic details. But that is not the case.

Some people use the word “belief” to mean any thing factual. I don’t use it that way. 2 + 2 = 4. That is a fact. Why should I believe it? There is a great deal of energy invested in beliefs.

I am not exchanging one thing for another. I am not saying, I don’t believe this because I believe THIS instead. There is no difference there. Having a belief would seem to imply that something is right, while something else is wrong. If you believe something, you exclude something else. Otherwise, how could there be any belief? So, if that is the case, belief has conflict built right into it.