Quick Thoughts - Death and Consciousness

This post comes from my journal dated March 5th, 2007. We cannot really know anything about what happens at the point of death. How will we know when we are dead? We can be told by others (in fact, that is all we know), but what meaning does that have for us? The only way to know death, is to die. (We cannot really know it. Knowing implies knowledge, and death is completely beyond thought.)

And I have been reading about "Levels of Consciousness," but I don't understand. Does that mean different states? For example, if someone is full of hate, that is lower, if someone is full of love, that is higher. Is that correct? Those are simply varying contents of the same consciousness. I question whether there are any levels of consciousness at all.

Unless you are talking about varying states of mind? Sorry, but there is nothing here that implies different levels. All of those things are a part of consciousness. Maybe it is just a problem with the language?

Different levels would seem to imply that there are different types of consciousness. A lower level, and a higher level. But there is really no difference, as it is all a part of the same consciousness.

Kind of like changing the curtains in an outhouse. The view might have improved, but something still stinks.

There is no higher or lower; there is only consciousness.