Quick Thoughts - Effortless Living

Everything arrives immediately. But there is no wish or desire to keep anything. The mechanism is broken, and now, arrival and departure are a simultaneous movement. But to qualify this existence with arrival and departure is not quite right, either. Although one might argue that no time is involved, i.e., "You either arrive or you don't, you either depart or you don't," there still seems to be the element of time and thought that is present in that definition.

To be clear, everything happens and there is only being. Time is not involved. If Takuin arrives or departs, it can only be known by another. Time cannot be placed here by this organism.

When I walk down the street and look around, it is not as if things arrive from somewhere. It is not coming in through a filter, and there is nothing gradual. It is just there.

But, I do not know that it is there.

If I see a cat, it is obvious to knowledge that a cat is present. But to Takuin, there is no cat. There may be a living organism, and there may be movement, but I cannot know what it is. Once I know it, knowledge is there. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but once knowledge is there, the only thing I can see is my memory.

In order to know something, knowledge and thought must stay with it. There is no way around this. If you look at a cat, all the while knowing it is a cat, then do you truly see the cat? If you could see the thing, not knowing anything about it, how might it appear to you? How would it move you?

To keep thought with everything one sees is such a drain to the mind. There is constant power put in that direction. It is energy used to generate this field of time that keeps images pushed to the front of perception. Why is it there at all?

If you see someone walking toward you at the other end of the street, are you with them at each moment, or can you only see them in relation to how long it will take them to reach you? Why is there such an importance placed on the projection of time?

To see without time, is seeing without effort. To live without time, is living without effort. That is the expression of life, in each and every moment.

You are all already there. The only thing that stops you is the thought that you are not.