Quick Thoughts - Fear

This comes from the comments on Fear, Security, and Earthquakes.

Is fear a mere projection? I don’t know. To a certain extend, yes. But, in some cases it may be natural to be fear, we are born with that, right? To feel that sth wrong is going to happen, so that we can response, be that fight or flight.

The normal response of the body to avoid danger is different from what I am talking about.

If you are walking in the woods and see a snake, what is it that makes you fear it? It is true, there could be some danger there, so we just walk around it. We avoid it and try not to upset the snake. But why should it be feared?

In order to fear the snake, I have to project my thoughts into the future; the snake “could” bite me, so there is fear. But it is only fear of what you are thinking, and not a fear of what is happening. There cannot be fear in the moment, because there is no interference of thought in the moment. No projection or projector.

Don’t fear the snake; just walk around it.