Quick Thoughts - Levels of Enlightenment

Do you think there are levels after enlightenment? Like they talk about the Buddha has somehow having a superior enlightenment as compared to the others... or is that just a belief thing?

It seems that we only hear these things from other people; never from the subject of comparison. Someone is always saying it in respect to a standard of some sort. Maybe they think there are levels based on some activity? "This person does this and this, so their level must be higher than the person that doesn't do the same ." But it is all in relation to what they believe is better.

In a mind that is whole, there are no levels. But in a fragmented mind it seems that there are, because it is possible to believe that certain fragments are better than others, based on what they give to the self.

Levels also introduce time into the whole thing. "It takes time to get from this level to another level." Sure. But what if there are no levels? That would eliminate time as well, wouldn't it? ( You can also think of levels in terms of should or should not.)

If there is a level, it is within the field of thought and time. A whole and complete mind is beyond all of that. Not that it is better or worse.

Levels simply are not there.