Quick Thoughts - Meeting Others

It is nice for others to show interest in me, but I hope I can dis-suede them from writing down what I say in order to follow it later. It might be of use to write down various questions and go into them, thoroughly seeing whatever might happen to be within. But if someone really likes me, or for whatever reason, completely identifies with me, there is a danger there. Are they really listening and posing questions to themselves, or do they just take what I say as the truth, accept it and not question it at all?

I love meeting new people, and there is a lovely energy that flows when meeting face to face; something that cannot be experienced through e-mail or blogs. Having said that, I hope no one listens to me and believes I am right and something else is wrong. If someone wants to talk about this stuff, I am happy to do so. If someone wants to talk about Jimi Hendrix, I am happy to do so.

It is interesting to meet people face to face for the first time (related to Takuin.com). They only know me from what they have read, and when I show up, meeting them physically, invariably I am not what they expect me to be.

Life is full of surprises.