Quick Thoughts on Eating Meat

November Project: Question #22 This question comes from Mits on Facebook.

I have a question for the November Project, Takuin. After enlightement should you still eat meat?

Thanks for the great question, Mits.

Forget about before or after enlightenment for now. Let's look at it in a slightly different way.

There are several reasons why people decide to stop eating meat. Some think it is more healthy, more peaceful, or whatever it might be.

Is it more healthy? Not necessarily true. More peaceful? Absolutely not true. But this is more of a focus on what a person can get from not eating meat, and it is not out of compassion for animals.

Whether or not you eat meat will be decided by one major factor, and that is your relationship with animals. You can give other reasons, and some of them may be very wise. But ultimately, it will be your relationship to other living things that tips the scales.

How do you see this, Mits? If I may ask, do you eat meat, or is this something you have struggled with at all?