Quick Thoughts on Interests

November Project: Question #20 This question comes from M.M. on Skype.

First of all, I want to say I am loving this November series! I am really glad you've done it.

In your last post you mentioned that you aren't interested in gurus and their teachings. I've been reading your stuff for awhile and I've heard you say similar things before, and I am pretty sure I understand why you are not interested.

With that in mind, what ARE you interested in? :)

Thank you for your question, M.M., and I am happy you have enjoyed this series so far. :)

There are many ways to approach this question, but as we are speaking of gurus and such, we will stick to that area.

It is true, I am not very interested in that world. But I am not rallying against it, nor condemning. It simply holds nothing for me, if I can put it that way.

I am interested in all living things, human beings in particular. I am very drawn to human expression, and the completeness of being. Not in a philosophical or theoretical sense, but in a very real sense.


I am also interested in humanity's love, hate, suffering, prosperity, willingness to do nothing, willingness to do something, and all the shades therein.

Human beings have done many wonderful things, and yet, I sometimes wonder if humanity will make it. Our technological advances are enormous, but our minds, our consciousness, or however you want to say it, has really not grown in turn; we still throw rocks and stab at each other with pointy sticks. But now, our pointy sticks can destroy millions in a second.

However, sometimes we hear stories that can give hope. And usually, that hope springs from something so simple...I remember hearing a story about a young girl suffering from cancer. She had to undergo chemotherapy and she lost all of her hair. When she was finally able to return to school, everyone in her class had shaved their heads, including her teacher.

When you hear stories like this, you understand we can still make it as a species. And it doesn't take a lot of work to change someone's life.

Sometimes all you need is a razor...