Quick Thoughts On Living

November Project: Question #4 This question comes from B.C. through Skype chat:

I was thinking about life and living the other day, and it struck me as strange that we are alive. Not in any morbid sense, but just as a fact. We are living beings on this planet, running around, doing whatever it is that we do. Have you ever thought about how odd it is to actually be alive? How do you feel about this?

[NOTE: I paraphrased this question, as I neglected to write it down at the time. Oops! ~ TM]

Thanks for the question, BC.

I just realized I have never actually thought about this before. It is amazing...

...I have no feeling whatsoever of being alive.

I know, factually, it must be true. If I look up the word in the dictionary, compare it to my state, I am sure I would qualify as life. But I feel nothing. Not that I feel 'un-life', or 'not living', or anything like that. There is just no feeling of being alive.

Or maybe I should say, there is no separate feeling of being alive. I can feel the heart beating. My senses all seem to be operational. I can talk. I eat. I excrete. This is a living creature, to be sure. But I don't feel these as separate events, happening to a person. It is all simultaneous.


I suppose most people feel this differently. Perhaps it is the separatness of experiences stacked on top of one another than gives the illusion of a person having a unique life? A feeling or an idea of being alive; a feeling of having a life, of living a life, of being a person experiencing a life. But I feel none of that. I can't really even sense it.

Perhaps it is this...Life does not know it is alive. It just lives.

How does living appear to all of you? I am curious to find out...I'm not sure we've ever discussed this before.