Quick Thoughts on Sitting with Resistance

November Project: Question #17 This question comes from Jake through the Contact Form.

How does one "sit" with resistance without being paralyzed, and without being greedy?

To sit with resistance is to sit with the essence of self.

It is not quite right to say there is the self and its resistance. There is no separation between the two. It is more accurate to say resistance is the activity of the self.

In other words, the self is the resistance, hoping to be free from itself. And if there is greed, it is not that you are being greedy; you are the greed.

When you sit, you sit alone, but not because you are trying to be alone. Your suppression will not set you free.

In sitting, there is never a you and a thing to avoid...there is only you.

I don't know if this answers your question, but thank you very much, Jake. I appreciate your participation, and it is great to have you here.