Quick Thoughts - Reality

Some might say their beliefs, whatever they might be, determine reality. I understand what they mean, but reality has nothing to do with any of that. Reality, as it is used here, has nothing to do with thought. We can certainly think about it, make theories, and create ideals that seem better. But in the end, that is not reality, but an image held up as a representation of reality. This is sometimes hard for others to get their head around because they function fully from a world that exists only in their mind. So it seems natural that what their mind projects is absolutely real. But is it?

There are some Gurus that claim beliefs determine reality. But that is still the action of ego, or whatever you want to call it. Belief comes from the self. It doesn't exist apart from thought. It is not an independent entity, like a flower or a cat. Beliefs have to have a believer. A tree doesn't.

If there is no manipulator, or no center that perceives, what happens? If no one is present to believe reality into existence, does that then mean reality doesn't exist? Or could it be reality cannot be understood through interpretation or identification?

The idea of a self creating reality is still the same old trick. It is ego inserting itself as the center of the universe. How can one say that their limited thought with its limited capacity is responsible for the wonders of reality? We are too dull and controlling as a whole to create something so beautiful. That is not to say that humanity is incapable of wonderful feats and beautiful creations. But seriously, we still throw rocks at people we think to be different from us, and I am supposed to swallow the notion that we create the universe? We cannot even live here without tearing one another apart.

Reality is more beautiful than any story of yours or mine could ever hope to explain. But it is also fragile. So fragile that it cannot survive the onslaught of our projected imagery. It is delicate, as a flower, and it cannot be forced to bloom in the manner of our manipulations.

Life blooms in concert with the flower of reality, but only when we give up the need to control.


I have received many questions since my last bit of writing, and in the next few weeks I'll post some of them here with my replies. (Sorry to those of you I have not yet responded to or otherwise contacted. I have not been ignoring you, but have been away on purpose, to meditate on experiences and perceptions. I'll also write a bit on those, as well.)

I also have more podcasts planned, but I'm not sure about the posting frequency. Any suggestions?

I am looking forward to returning to regular interaction with all of you now that I am back. I am toying with the idea of a different posting schedule, though. Instead of a post on every weekday, I might go with every other day. Comments seem to rise when I leave room for others to breathe.

See you all on Monday.