Quick Thoughts - Searching

It has rained for most of the day, here in Toyama. The clouds are low, and the mountain peaks are visible, stabbing toward the sky. It is finally cool here, after a long period of hellish weather. As I was out this morning, I thought of the transformation in the human mind. It is a constant problem for those that seek to be enlightened.

The searchers life is filled with duality they want to escape from. The very notion of there being a searcher and a search is dualistic. What is being sought, and what is doing the seeking?

The search is created by the mind; by thought. As it sees itself as inadequate, it must have a better, more grand experience. But is there a better experience, or is there just experience?

The idea of there being something better than where we are is destructive. You are here, but you think you should be over there. Why? It isn't true. If you should be over there, you would be. But you are not. You are here (wherever that is). The endless chattering of the mind, and our belief in that mind, is pain.

There can only be what is, and nothing more.