Quick Thoughts - The Beauty of Life

There is an incredible and immense beauty to life. From a bird, to a flower, to a rock buried in a stream. In movement, vibrancy, or stillness, all that we need to learn surrounds and penetrates all of us. There is nowhere to go find peace, as freedom and enlightenment are already here. It is everywhere. But we do not know how to look.

And how is one to look? To really see is to be non-interpretive. The thing, whatever it happens to be, is seen, but there are no conclusions; no voice nudging and convincing us that there is something wrong or something different.

No fear is found here. Trying to make it happen is hilarious to me. I try my best, projecting thoughts to awaken fear, but it is all so silly. I have to smile, because it is just a dream. It is something that can never touch this organism.

This beauty is not born out of comparison. It is not something that is known because we compare it to something we find ugly. Beauty exists for everyone on this side of the curtain. It is a natural extension of life; the breath of the universe. As the lungs breathe air, beauty breathes life and life breathes beauty.

There is no need to take it, as you already have it. Do whatever you do, and that beauty is there. Just don't expect any outcome to seeing. The eyes are sensory organs and nothing more. Use those organs and forget about everything else. Your mind cannot compare to the living beauty that surrounds you.

Find the beauty that is breathed each and every moment. It is always there.