Quick Thoughts - The Search

If one sees that there is no "I," and it is understood deep, down to the cellular level, then there is no search. The search is only possible from a contrary position, and that is what the self is; a contrary position. It is always opposite something else. I am not saying that it is always against something else, although it may be, but it is in a position of being separate. It sees everything from the position of me and them. (Contra, in Latin simply means opposite.) Now, if there is no self, is it possible to have a contrary position? Is it possible to have any position at all? If there is no position, then there is no me and no that over there. The separation is not there because there is no position that one sees from. If there is no me and that, what is there?

Think about it. If there is no center, no position, no point of view, can there be a search? What is the search anyway? A need for wholeness? To find something that is missing? If that is what the search is, then what happens if one is whole? If the search is for wholeness, and if one is whole, is there any search?