Reality or the Human Mind

November Project: Question #18 This question comes from my friend, N.

Question for you: marriage, appreciation, significance, rolls. Is marriage real or is it made in the human mind?

Whether or not it is real, is not so important. I mean, we can look at it and say it is all an illusion, it is earthly, it is whatever, but let's look at the human element of the thing. What does it bring to other human beings? - Forget about if it is real or not - How might it enrich the lives of others, beyond whatever we believe is true?

There is no set of formulae for freedom. It is not a matter of simply reading the right book, or listening to the right teacher. It is everything you bring into this world, and the tender wake you leave behind as you move through life.

Currently, the majority of the world is not free or liberated in the sense I usually talk about. Now, I could sit on a chair in front of a large audience and tell them it is all an illusion, and that might be the landscape Takuin lives within. But I cannot force another person to fit within Takuin's freedom...that will destroy their chances of seeing it on their own...if that makes sense to you.

So it is not a matter of telling someone what is right, or that life should be this way or that way. You must meet them in their own terrain, perhaps taking their hand, and walking with them as they lead the way. The only thing you have to do is keep them from stepping in shit. ;)

Thanks very much for the question, N.