Recent Doings

Yes, Takuin is still alive. ;-) I have not posted anything since the first week of August, but I am still here. Even though I have not been seen at, I have been very active on Twitter and at the Life Beyond the Image Facebook page.

But fairly soon you'll have all of me you can stand, as I am going to hold another November Project this year. And for those of you unfamiliar, you can find out the basics of how it works on this post from 2010. I have not started taking questions yet, but you can expect to see a separate post on that soon.


Recently, I poured through my library, looking for any notebooks I have filled since the 'accident' of December 1st, 2006. I think I have found them all, and my intention is to burn them. This might sound odd or even crazy to some of you, but it is completely right to me.

There has been some interest in those writings over the last year or so, and after I pulled them all together and had a look, I realized they were a wordy amalgam of no significance. I quite like to compare those writings to a two year old scribbling on the wall with a crayon; cute for sure, but something even the child will forget in a day or two. And this child has long since forgotten those old words.

I won't make a big to-do about disposing of those notebooks, but I may take a few photos of the event. ;-)

(NOTE: This does not mean I will purge the website. All the writings since December of 2006, and all future writings, will remain.)


I am still taking Skype calls from people all over the world. It seems to go in 'waves', for whatever reason. That activity is sometimes busy and frantic, and at other times sparse. But I enjoy it either way.

I have learned a great deal from the people I have spoken with over the last 3 or so years, and I look forward to more of that. Thank you all very much! (If you are interested in having a call on Skype, there is no charge. Check the Contact Page for details.)


That is all for now, but I look forward to interacting with all of you when the November Project 2011 begins. And I will write a post with details soon.

Be good. :-)

Ryozen Kannon