Relationship - Two Years Later


On this day two years ago, I wrote the post, Relationship - Part One (There is also a Part Two). At that time, judging by reader response, it was my most popular post. But not due to comments. I received over thirty emails on this two-part series, which at the time, was a reader response milestone. Up to that point, I had only received an email here and there, usually on the esoteric side of non-dual nonsense.

Thinking of it now, most of the correspondence I receive today are questions on this topic of relating, in one way or another, even if not pointing toward a direct physical relationship with another human being. Relating goes deeper than mere social relationships.

Probably, most of you have not read this two-part post, especially the newer subscribers. Have a look, and feel free to leave any comments here or there. But if you do comment on the material, we'll have to take it from the beginning, as we should in all things. Let's not rely on old words to see ourselves now.

If posed with the same question today, the words would probably reveal themselves in a more concise manner. I was rather wordy back in 2007. Take a breath, man! Take a breath!